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Righteous Kill
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Righteous Kill

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Quisque sed felis

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Hellgate is back

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hi Guys, look here harry is a prince and already had a luxurious life with the utmost comfort. but bolt is the hard worker and a person who achieve his targets  with his powerful mind and body. this run is called as Prince Harry vs Usain  Bolt Race, even though which one won this race it give indication to us that means powerful persons are the person who wins the races

this is a the mock race which harry had with worlds fastest man, usain bolt.

Name          : Angelina Jolie Voight
Birth Day   : June 4th 1975 (Age 37 Years)
Birth Place : USA Cambodia
Occupation : Actress, Writer , Producer, Director
Partner       : Brad Pitt (Famas Actor)

Anjelina Jolie is the one of highst paying Actress in the world. she has perfomed her duties to the filmhollywood film industry as an actress. as we as she promotes lot of humanitarian causes further, she is noted for her work with refugees to honered her duty she appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for united Nations High Commissioner For refugees.
She got media attention as the most beautiful women in the world and she is a step mother of Six Children.

This film is based on the 12 boys and the 12 girls from different districts they are colled as Tributes them they have to face a event called hunger games. the every citizan should watch as the youths fight to the death until only one ramains. what will happen to district 12 Tribute she is Katniss Everdeen (Jenifer Lawrence) 

Official Movie Site:

Production By        : Color Force

Super six

Super six is considered to be a one of great commercial movie in Srilanka. Mainly It is a combination of comedy, action, and the romance of a six cast.

The six cast
Roshan Ranawaka
Sanath Gunatilaka
Aruni Rajapaksha
Mahendra perera
Roodney Wanakula
Priyantha Senevirathne
Sarange Disasekara
Gaminda Priyaviraj

The film is 100 percent srilankan production and the same is produced by Aristo Films.  Mainly production cost of the Film is Rs. 77 Million and this is Highest cost for a Sinhala movie. the movie is directed by Udara Palliyaguru and produced by Sadesh Kumar.

It is happy to say that as my believe my country is one of great country in the world.  be course we have written history more than 2500 years it is called as "Mahawansa". as per "Mahawansa" first sinhala king was "Pandukabaya" he is also called as "Abaa" (Abaa Prience) he killed his own seven uncles to be the king of srilanka. this video includes the ancient "abaa story" and how the abaa crowned as king "Pandukabaya" however, history is not only the history it gives us advice's and examples for future behavior of the next generation.

There fore, watch the video by respecting our past and future heroes.

World War II

World War II, or second world war (i.e WWII / WW2), was a main global war in the world that was started on 1939 and ended in 1945. It was a disaster and it involved majority of the world’s countries which has great power, and it was most widespread war in history,

However, all the countries who actively participate this war spend their entire economic, industrial and scientific capabilities to win this war. Further, it marked by significant events involving the mass death of civilians due to the activities of nuclear weapons.

Winning or losing is somewhat but war will create lot of social ethical and economical problems to world therefore we won’t wish a world War III

Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh born November 02nd 1965 is an Indian actor and a film producer several times he has been nominated for the Film fair Award and he wins 14 film fair awards during his life time. Indian government honored him with the Padma Shri for his contribution toward Indian cinema.

He started his career as actor in 1980 by appearing in the theatre and several television serials and later he be popular with the hindi film Deewana

Personal information

Name                    : Leonardo Wilelm Dicaprio
Birth                      : 02.11.1965
Country                 : New Delhi, India
Occupancy            : Actor, Producer, Television Presenter

Further, he is known as King Khan, SRK,
We wish good luck for his future.

Spanish photographer Samual Aranda wons the World press award for this picture. Here this picture shows a woman holding a wounded relative in her arms after demonstration in yeman. This photo was taken at mosque in sanaa on 15th October,  that was being used as field hospital (yeman) after demonstrators protesting against the rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh clashed with government foces

Leonardo born November 11th 1974 is an American actor and a film producer several times he has been nominated for the golden globe Award. However, he won the Golden Globe Award for best actor in 2004 for his performance in the Aviator

Personal information

Name                    : Leonardo Wilelm Dicaprio
Birth                      : 11.11.1974
Country                : Los Angeles, California, USA
Ocupancy            : Aceter, Film Producer

He started his career by acting in TV commercials prior to landing recurring main roles in the television series such like the soap opera Santa Barbara and the sitcom Growing Pains in the early 1990.

We wish good luck for his future.

Today I am going to introduced you a very popular comedian he is known as Charlie Chaplin. He was a director and composer best known for his work during the silent film era.

Full Name        : Charles Spencer Chaplin

Born                 : 16th April 1889
                          London, England.

Occupation       : Film, Music, Mimicry

Nationality        : British

Death               : Switzerland.

Chaplin was one of the most influential and creative personalities of the silent film era. Even if he was an influential person in the silent cinema he participates to public shows as a child presenter and performer. 

Further more, he was the writer and the director of most of his films.

Usain Bolt won the 200 meter final in the London Olympic 2012. He is the fastest man I have ever seen as a Jamaican he used to train a Jamaican coach and it may be very long time before we see a brilliant and charismatic track athlete again. Personally I believe no one ever equals or better than him. 
enjoy the video 200 Meters final with the Usian's capabilities

Congratulations usain for your glorious victory

As football lowers everyone should watch this video because this video includes the best Goals in history of football.

As we all know it is famous and one of very attractive game in the world. Football players should have tons of skills. Like laming how to put reverse Spain on a ball to bend it round the wall of players during a free kick, leaming many different tricks like the roulette, the hocus pocus, the rainbow flick, all these tricks can be used to beat defenders.

In this video you can see how the players using their tricks to beat there defenders

We are getting closer and closer!! As per the predictions by the Mayan, it will be December 21st, 2012, the earth is going to be line up with the sun which will be in line with the black hole at the center of galaxy. No one knows what will happen but lot of people like and love to talk about it. Today this is very hot subject and various scientific experts globally are predicting various scenarios about the future of the planet.

Sure you will enjoy this video.

This music video was by Michel Jackson performing They Don’t Us in 1996 by MJJ Productions Inc.

However, when he perform this music video he was suffering from a skin Disorder called "VITILIGO" which harm causes loss of skin pigmentation his autopsy confirmed this it is a disease. As well as Miecle Jackson’s aunt also had this problem. It could have worsened into skin cancer on exposure to sun that is why he used umbrellas.

Anyway you would like this video lot and ask you to feel the song.

Usain bolt it’s the fastest runner in the world ever being. He was born in Jamaica and now he is 30 years old. He is a hard worker and he shows the world that noting in the life receiving free.  He happens to train with his stiffest completion. Further, he was the gold medal winner of the London Olympic 2012,   
Before he won the gold medal he stated to world community that “I want to just people, just to stun the world’’
We wish him success in every way with the joy and happy

Rowen Atkinson is an English comedian and screenwriter. He shows his talents through Mr. Bean., Mr Beans Holiday and in Johnny English. Atkinsan was born in Consett, Country Durham England.  He was educated at Duham Choristers School, St. Bees School, and bachelor at Newcastle University.
After university, he toured with Angus Deavton as his straight in an act that was eventually filmed for television show. As his fiends request Atkinson then went on to do “Not the Nine O’Clock News” for BBC.
Atkinson’s film career begen in 1983 by acting a supporting part in the “unofficial” James Bond movie Never say never again.
Ok shall we watch this nice Video later on you can understand about Mr Atkinson

Personal details

Name: Akira Kurosawa

Born : March 23rd, 1910 (Shinaguwa, Tokyo, Japan

Occupation: Director, writer, editor, famous film producer

Died : September  6th, 1998 (at the age of 88)

He was a one of most influential film producer in Japan as well as world. He entered to film industry near in 1936. He starts to show his role to world as a director beginning from 1943. He is the core teacher for lot of film producers in the world. In 1990 he accepts the Academy award for Lifetime achievement. He had a keen knowledge about the art, culture, history and literature.  He shows that knowledge through hid films. In his 57 years of carrier life he directed 30 films and magazine Asian week and CNN, cited him as one of the five people who contributed most to the betterment of Asia in the past 100 years.

Hope you living him lot.

Things dosent always work out the way your'd like
Derek Redmand was favered to medel in the Olympic 400 meters sparint
150 meters in to the race  Derek Felt a searing pain
in agony, he fall to the ground with a torn hamsyring
Not willing to give up
Determined to finished the race he continued
Braking through security a man comes  to derek's side
it was his father
you dont have to do this" he told his son
yes i do he replied
wel then, we're going to finished this together
together father and son continued
shortly before the finished line, derek's father let him go to complete his race
Receiving a standing Ovation from a crwed of over 65,000
when you dont give up YOU CANNOT FAIL

This song is originaly song by Michael Jackson and the Video Production by MJJ Productions Inc, In 1982. Reply He treated as one of greatest talented singer in the world has ever Known August 29th is the world Michae Jckson day
This video was the first production of the Hollywood movie style this made him famous and grows his fan club further, as a whole this album sold around 46 million copies worldwide. Feel u may enjoy this vedio lot.

Finally, as pop lowers We should attempt him to Nibbana

 This film is a short 20 mints film, basically it launched today (03rd August, 2012) by the Commission for a sustainable London 2012. The film stated that an impartial view of how they attend to the Olympic and what are the approached they used for Olympic.

Further, it posses the challenges and questions which arose, when it start and how they achieve there goals in many inevitable circumstances and what the methods that they used for financing the whole Olympic project.
We wish a sustainable Olympic in London 2012

To View the film go to the below link

The dark Night is a move about a super here. directed by cristoper nolan, upto now it is a one of best rated move in the Box Office top ten chart. the film was filming tok place several locations in the USA. such like Jodhpoor, Londan, Notinham and etc.
Deatails reating to the Move is as follows:-
Directed By   : Cristoper Nolan
Produced By : Emma Thomas , Chares Roven
Music By      : Hans Zimmer
Public Release : 06th July 2012
Editing By      : Lee Smith

This is a One of a best movie that able to explore the perspective of a brothers' love to her sister and a sister’s innocent kind love to her brother. They are not even blood-related, and no connection with each others but, it's like. They got to know one another around four five years old and they became to began best friends and then there loves grew, even if so there are not even related to each others.

Further, it is much touching story of  brother’s unceasing love for his gives much nice cinematography and engaging of the actors to there characters are very smoothly capture by the director .

I feel you enjoy this lot.  

This is one of top English move song that i like. at the time of early 70s this song was more popular and it gained massive crowd to the film halls in america. this song has originally song by the artist John Denver 

considering the factors this song is very nice. Actually, the real name of this song was " OH BABE I HATE TO GO" but film producer (Milt Okun) Convinced John to change the title of  the song. 

so i ask you to kindly play this video and hear a one of great Film song " Armageddon on a plane 

Amitabh bachchan is one of grate actress in india. he was born in 11 october 1942. his father haravinah rai bachchn and his mother Teji bachchen.  he first gained his popularity in the 1970 and upto now he is a famas film star. further, he has shown his abilities as singer,   film produser and television prasanter.  

We wish him a long life
If u need further about amitabh please visit (his official web site) 

This is Newly famus indian song (english version )

Yo boys i am going to sing a song
Soup song
Plof song
Why this Kolavary Kolavary Di
Why this Kolavary Kolavary Di
Rethim correct
Why this Kolavary Kolavary Di
Why this Kolavary Kolavary ..... A....Di Moonu  Moonu
Moonu colourra wite...u
Wite background Nighte..u Nighte..U colour ..u Black..u
Why this Kolavary Kolavary Di
Why this Kolavary Kolavary Di
Wite..u skin..u girl..u girl..u, Girl..u hart..u black..u
Eyes..u Eyes..u  meet..u meet..u my..u future..u dark..u
Why this Kolavary Kolavary Di
Why this Kolavary Kolavary Di
Mama Notes
Pa pap a pap pa pap ap papappa pa pa paa paa...

Add caption

As per the "Mahawansa" our first king is King Vijaya he is the eldest son of King "Sinhabahu" and "Sinhaseewali" and born in india and after some time  he landed to srilanka with his 700 folowers in 543 BC. he met yaksha clan spenister "Kuweni" she was engaging in textile waving when they meat. and finaly they got married and they become husbund and wife. latery she bore him two chilidran  named "Desala" and "jeewahatta"

but after seven years the advisers and ministers of King vijaya stated that if vijaya wont to be the real king of this country he has to marry a real queen. becourse the kuweni is a yaksha clan women. further they stated that vijaya should marry a priences from india. finaly king Vijaya get rid from kuweni and his two childran.

for further, detals you can view film of vijaya kiweni and gain Nice experiace about anceient srilanka.